Now I would write anything in English and just doing my best.


Okay, there are a few things I want to tell you (or simply myself.)


One, one thing I wanna change is design a new theme for my blog. Actually, I don't use the CSS for a long time before I finished my website's lastly design. And I think my CSS skill is simply like a beginner. Seriously. However, at least, I know the tags what I use when I designing... maybe.


Another, I had decided to change my attitude for my lessons of university. Uh, I think I wouldn't give up my interest anyway. Therefore, on this basics, I've to pay more attentions for the lessons, but the one thing need to be noticed! "All plans are made before I find a new job." So if I found a new job, I've to remake my plan.


Another, I wanna finish my novel anyway and seriously. well, according at the second one, I don't need to write this thing because I've to finish not wanna even I dream to finish. Well, I need a note to remind me to finish my novel in anyway. However, I might seldom use this blog. I love to find some problems for myself so much, I guess.


And another, waaaa, congratulations! This is one thing I finally write! I just wanna say something is nothing(what are you talking about?). Oh, I want to, had to, decided to learn my cute finnish! Ahahaha. The author who writes this murmur is crazy. The dear author says" Because it's the end of this article, and The things I wanna tell you( myself), remind myself to do, I've finished it."


Therefore, we can know the only one thing that author wanna says is "I've no idea how to finish this article."

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